Monday, June 3, 2019

The other side.

Good morning folks
Well, it has been a while I know. There is, of course, two sides to this move, and though it seems to have taken forever we are now approaching the final stretch! I am so happy to see this sign outside as you can imagine.

 That means that I am now having to pack up almost a decade and a half of our life down south! Which is what I am currently doing. Our excitement for the new chapter is tempered by remembering all the times we had here. After all, this home is where we raised our two beautiful daughters and celebrated many special times.
They say that moving is very stressful and in many ways it is but every time things get a little too much we remind ourselves of where we are moving to, and what we hope to achieve with our new simpler, more creative life. It's hard to believe that the time is almost here, it seems that we have been in limbo for so long.

Wherever I look I am surrounded by boxes and chaos....

 and empty walls too. Except for our larger pictures and a few that need a bit more care while wrapping.

I am going to miss this garden. It has been rather strange working in it recently knowing that we are going to not be here for much longer. The plants have decided to give us a lovely send off though and everything is blooming profusely.

I have gathered a few of the plants we couldn't bear to leave and these will form the beginning of our new space which will be a very different one though I am looking forward to having a blank canvas to create something special in.
So, here we our, getting ready for our new life in Eden. Though there is still a massive amount of work to do I am looking forward to really getting stuck in and cracking on.

Right, better get back to the packing.....
Take care.

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Good morning folks.
Back again, work arriving.....
This was a very exciting time for me as this is for the barn, which is going to be our art studio space.
Laying the floor so we can determine where the new mezzanine floor needs to go.

Four delightful bags, one of quarry waste and three plant mix. All needing to be moved to the back of the house, happy days.....

 Time to get set up for a busy day. Luckily I drafted in re-reinforcements. Time to get cracking.

 First up was getting the quarry waste onto the floor of the barn

 Then time to fire up the "whacker plate" Once everything had been flattened nicely it was time to cover everything with sand. Followed by a layer of  heavy duty plastic to create a barrier to prevent any damp.
 Then it was time to bring in the mixer and begin to trundle the plant mix through.

 One floor taking shape.

 Two days later, we now have a floor in place in the barn. It's all very exciting isn't it?
 The pile of wood in the corner is going to be used to build the two separate internal workshops once the mezzanine floor has been installed. The front of these are going to be made up from old glass windows which I think will look amazing as well as allow light to filter in.
 Standing on the floor, from this angle it doesn't look very big does it, but that floor is over three meters deep by almost four meters wide without the side bit.

Luckily the back of the barn floor was clay rather than cobbled so I didn't feel too bad about covering it with concrete. We kept one bit of cobbled area to the front and I salvaged some of the other cobbles that we had to cover in the corner.
The smaller section of floor is where the stairs will start as well as for the sink area.

It's going to be fun cleaning this lot . Though I will probably end up re cobbling the floor which will be a fun project for later.

So, progress on the studio space is underway. I can't wait to see how it progresses.....
Take care folks.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Taking shape

Good afternoon everyone, no I haven't fallen off the planet. It's just been a period of not much to show you. After all, there is only so much of the same old mess that you could remotely be interested in I'm sure. But at last I do have a couple of progress reports lol. Some pics are not the best quality but you'll get the picture.....
So, firstly, the first "scratch coat" of plaster went on in the back bedroom.

Then, the other two bedrooms got their final plaster finish which is very exciting as they are starting to look like rooms again .

Still  a mess but at least it's taking shape.

Now we have two rooms plastered and looking more like rooms again, not that I have photos for some reason.
All the first stage wiring is in place both upstairs and downstairs which is another big job ticked off. It is still a long journey ahead but we are at least putting things back together again  upstairs and that's not a bad place to be at really, is it?
Enjoy your afternoon, I'll be back later with another snippit.....

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Channeling the inner snail...

Hi there folks.
I am sure you can guess by the title of this post that not much progress has been happening recently.
Still, everything that happens is a little step closer isn't it.

There has been one thing that has made a big difference though........... for months we have been generating piles of rubbish and rubble as you can imagine
 In the lounge.
 The kitchen.
 Even a bit in the dining room

Finally we figured we had enough for.....
A skip!
Though it was hard work, I cannot tell you how exciting it is to finally be able to see the floor again.
 The kitchen was the last of the 9 fireplaces to see the light of day. The stone lintel is beautiful and just over 2m long. Unfortunately we will not be able to keep it exposed but I am glad we were able to see it)
 Still a couple of bags for the tip that definitely would not fit in the skip but the lounge feels so much bigger.

Upstairs is looking nicer too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I am settling myself down with coffee, pen and ink and paper for the rest of the weekend.....whatever you are up to I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ending the week with progress.

Good evening friends.
Well, after a slow start to the week I am pleased to say that we did manage a bit of progress as the week ended.
At the moment we are focused on getting two of the rooms upstairs to a stage that they can be used as a place to store furniture. The electrician came round and got all the new sockets boxed in place.

Next, the old wall supports were removed as they were not in great shape.

New supports were added with thicker treated timbers.

 Still have to add cross supports next week but it is already much more stable.

An essential yet horrible job was also tackled; treating the beams with paste to ensure no remain beasties remain alive once we close everything up. You put it on like spreading butter and it absorbs in over a few days....

Then it was time to tank around the window area to ensure no future damp issues should arise.

There's a few different processes to do so I left that bit to the expert lol.

Then, finally, the moment I was waiting for.

One wall covered up. Now, we are not boarding every room but we have to find a balance between keeping character and creating a space that is energy efficient too. So we have taken each wall individually and worked out what would be best.  All the external walls will have a thick thermal insulation board to retain heat. The other walls to be boarded have been selected based on the overall condition. I think it's driving the electrician a little crazy as he has to make sure that the right depth box is put on the correct wall for the thickness, some need to be chiseled in, others can be flush fitted etc, you get the picture I'm sure.

Hopefully next week we will get a little further.....I'll let you know. Until then, take care.